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Adaptation and versatility are key to our methods. With a synergistic offering of customizable services, we can provide you with a unique experience that promotes your health and well being and empowers you to achieve your fitness goals. Here's what we offer:





Pilates is a system of exercises using various apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness. It was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, after whom it was named. Pilates method is taught to suit each person. Exercises are regularly re-evaluated to ensure that they are appropriate and progress the client in their goals. It is suitable for everybody from elite athletes to people with limited mobility, pregnant women and people with low fitness levels.




For those who turn to Pilates for fitness, or a better quality of life, Body Balance Trainers help create more efficient movement patterns in the body, which, in turn, builds more strength and improves performance. Body Balance Trainers are made of bungee cords that will challenge slow twitch muscle fibers, fast twitch muscle fibers and the vestibular system. Integrating them with Pilates creates a well-rounded work out for your body and brain. 





Within the paradigm that food is often the best medicine, Integrative Nutrition seeks to help clients learn how to maximize their health potential through the benefits of proper food sources. The foundation of Integrative Nutrition lies in the understanding that no two people are exactly the same – neither are their nutritional needs. The proper nutrition and supplement protocols can help normalize inflammatory issues and increase overall health and well being.




Personal training is one-on-one instruction that blends targeted exercise and goal-setting with health education and on-going fitness assessments. The result is a challenging but achievable workout routine specifically designed for each individual. Working with a personal trainer, who can provide guidance on proper lifting techniques and introduce you to exercises that target your specific goals, can provide the motivation and encouragement to propel you towards your full potential.




Often considered a deep tissue massage approach, Rolfing works between all the layers of muscular and fascial tissue to ease strain patterns by manipulating the connective tissue system.  Clients often find that Rolfing helps to reduce pain and chronic muscle tension, generally resulting from physical and emotional traumas. Rolfing is used by many professional athletes to break up scar tissue, rehabilitate injuries, and increase range of motion to improve performance and avoid future injuries. Dancers and musicians often use the work to enhance comfort in their bodies while performing, as well as avoid repetitive stress injuries. 

In addition to these modalities, FOCUS PHYSICAL THERAPY provides one-on-one physical therapy and acupuncture services.  To learn more, CLICK HERE.

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